Big Kahuna Black Cone Automated Gas Tiki Torch

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Get into an Aloha state of mind with our USA-made remote control Big Kahuna Black Cone TIki Torch! Our complete permanent-mount gas tiki torch package includes a black steel tiki torch head with flame-adjusting valve and a durable powder-coated steel 82" pole. Big Kahuna Black Cone gas tiki torches can be used with either propane or natural gas (if using propane, an LP gas regulator may be required).

A gas supply line of over 1/4" O.D. copper, available at most hardware stores, is required to operate your Big Kahuna. Supply line length depends upon the installation height. Please allow a minimum 36" of clearance on all sides of the gas tiki torch.

Electronic Remote Control Ignition System

Legends automated gas tiki torches come prewired and ready to link to an existing pool controller (e.g., Aqualink), or other wired or wireless control system. All automation components are contained within the tiki torch head. 

Our automatic gas tiki torches utilize a weather-resistant glow plug style hot ignition lighting / re-lighting system that will extinguish in rainy or windy weather. An auto-shutoff system ensures safe operation in the event your system does not light or the flame goes out. 


  • High Heat Powder Coat Black 12 Gauge AluminumTorch Head: 7" W X 13" H
  • 7' black powder coated aluminum pole with 18” burial base support pole
  • Electronic Remote Control Ignition System
  • Fuel: Liquid Propane Or Natural Gas
  • Material: Powder-coated steel tiki torch head and pole
  • LP Use: Includes 65" Thermoplastic 1/4" LP hose fitted with 1/4" MPT and 3/8" SAE F fitting. Regulator not included.
  • Natural Gas Use: Please contact a licensed plumber for installation recommendations.
  • Not UL Rated 
  • Rated by Lab Test Cert
  • Units are made to order : Lead time is 2-3weeks

LP Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.) = .5 gallons/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.) = .2 gallons/hour 

Natural Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.) = 49 cubic feet/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.) = 18 cubic feet/hour


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