Gas Tiki Torch Safety Tips

Please follow these important tips for safe enjoyment of Legends Big Kahuna and Bali Gas Tiki Torches:

  • Legends gas tiki torches are designed and intended for outdoor use only.
  • Follow safety, maintenance and operating instructions contained in the owners manual included with the tiki torch.
  • Installation must comply with all applicable codes.
  • Use only on level, stable surfaces.
  • Gas tiki torches must be set level and comply with minimum clearance of 6' from all sides.
  • Do not place under covered or enclosed patio or the eaves of your home
  • Do not place under low hanging trees or close to evergreens or shrubs
  • Using soapy water, check all gas connections for leaks and test function of all moving parts. Perform the checks and tests prior to initial use.
  • Keep gas tiki torch head at least 6' away from any combustible materials.
  • Temperatures near the tiki torch head will ignite combustible materials.
  • Be certain to comply with all safety guidelines and local ordinances regarding the use of an open flame.
  • Propane has a distinct odor. If you smell it, immediately discontinue work, extinguish all flames, find the leak and correct it.
  • Propane is heavier than air which causes it to accumulate in low areas. Be certain all areas are well ventilated.
  • Use extreme caution at all times. You are using an intense open flame. Disregard of safe practices can result in severe fire damage, serious personal injury or death.
  • Do not move, handle or service the patio light while it is in operation or hot.
  • Do not allow children to play on or around the patio light. It could cause a fire or bodily burns. Place in a low-traffic area
  • Do not leave unattended. Close gas valves when unattended or not in use.