Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

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Looking to Add the Perfect Accessory to your Kitchen or Bar?

Impress your guests by having a night of delicious cocktails and preparing classic Moscow Mules, served in real copper cups for authenticity. Or a cold beer in a unique mug that will stay nice and cool for a long time. Or even some yummy iced tea! These copper cups will help you bring it all together!

Food Grade, Top Quality Materials

We chose the most pure, solid copper we could find to handcraft these incredible cups. Hand hammered into a classic design, it has a large welded handle for comfort that will never come off. Plus, it's certified for food safety, so you can enjoy your drinks with no worry!

Key Features:

  • Top quality materials: made from 100% pure solid copper.
  • Classic design: hand hammered for authenticity with welded handle.

Different styles:

  • Classic Round Mule: 18 oz.
  • Hammered Copper Cup: 14 oz.
  • Smooth Copper Cup/No Lip: 16 oz.
  • Smooth Copper Cup/No Lip: 16 oz.

Give your kitchen or bar an eye catching, unique touch that will impress all your guests. Click "Add to Cart" NOW and bring home these incredible Moscow Mule Copper Mugs!