• Oil Tiki Torches
  • Oil Tiki Torches

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  • Buy factory direct and save up to 50% on original tiki torches, tabletop lamps and wall sconces.
  • Shop our extensive collection of oil tiki torches in copper, nickel, steel and Mexican pottery.
  • Looking for gas tiki torches? Legends has a huge selection of permanent mount and portable styles.
  • Embrace the tiki lifestyle and outfit your backyard with our string lights, lanterns and firepots!

Welcome to Legends Tiki Lifestyle

Welcome to Tikitorchesdirect.com, the web's largest selection of original oil and gas tiki torches. Our one of a kind, unique tiki torches are ideal for your outdoor or indoor living space, creating a warm and intimate setting for entertaining and relaxing.

Why Legends Direct? What makes us different?

There are plenty of different tiki torches on the market...but what makes our torches stand out in comparison to the competition? When we designed our torches we wanted to ensure that our product line was not only unique AND aesthetically pleasing but also safer, cleaner and easier to operate than what we had already seen in the market. Being that we are the manufacturer, we are able to design and create both vintage and modern style torches that incorporate these improvements AND we bring them to you at factory direct pricing! We are constantly coming out with new concepts and designs, setting the standard to enhance your tiki lifestyle.

The "Tiki Lifestyle" (Culture)

The tiki lifestyle, or culture, started back in 1934 when a gentleman by the name of Don the Beachcomber opened up a Polynesian-themed bar and grill in Hollywood. This restaurant created a movement and the overall cultural sensation that we have come to know and love to this very day!

The Legends Tiki Torch

Our original tiki torch styles are manufactured with exclusive features that you will not find anywhere else. We have a torch style for every possible outdoor or indoor setting, from vintage patios to modern day family rooms.

  • Oil Tiki Torches: Oil-fueled torches are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them outdoors with a standard oil, or citronella oil for those pesky mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can move the party indoors with a smoke free paraffin oil and enjoy the same intimate glow as you relax in the comfort of your own home. We have successfully designed and engineered a custom "fill port" which allows for quick, easy and most importantly a "mess free" experience when refilling your torch.

    We offer various designs such as tabletop torches, pole/pathway torches, and wall sconce torches. Our entire oil collection is crafted with meticulous detail and come in a multitude of finishes such as copper tiki torches, stainless steel tiki torches, nickel tiki torches, Mexican pottery tiki torches and many more. If you are a fan of old-school Polynesian memorabilia, be sure to check out our vintage tiki torch collection, which is a homage to the original torches of the 1950's with a modern twist.

  • Gas Tiki Torches: Gas fueled torches can come in two different styles: "permanent mount gas tiki torches" or "portable gas tiki torches". These torches are designed to operate either off of a propane tank or a seamless in-ground natural gas line. Crafted out of cast aluminum, galvanized steel, brass, copper and various applications of powder coating, our gas tiki torches are manufactured to stand the test of time. If you really want to show off to the neighbors you can equip most gas torches with an electronic remote control ignition system, allowing you to automate your tiki experience. 

Thank You!

We would like to thank you for choosing us as your resource for living the tiki lifestyle. Legends Direct is a family owned and operated, American based company that prides itself on the quality of our products and our customer service. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

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