Maui Smooth Copper Tiki Torch

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Enhance any garden or patio space with the Copper Maui Tiki Torch, beautifully designed and crafted for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. A work of art is how many of our customers describe our Maui Tiki torches. The Maui Tiki Torch head is cradled by a black steel holder that sits on a metal pole with a pointed end for easy in-ground installation.

This torch includes a fiberglass wick for extended use and a matching snuffer. We recommend citronella oil for insect control and/or paraffin oil for a smoke-free environment. The torch head can hold enough fuel to burn for approximately 20 hours. The Maui Tiki Torch can illuminate any area on either a patio tabletop or atop its pole.


  • Torch: 5.25" h x 8.5" w
  • Cradle: 7" h x 7.75" w Black
  • Pole: 54" h x 1-1/8" w

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