Large Hawaiian Cone Smooth Copper Tabletop Torch

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Created in the spirit of vintage Polynesian style, our Hawaiian Cone Tabletop Tiki Torch adds a tropical touch to any party, gathering or spur of the moment luau. Created in copper and coated with a weatherproof finish, we guarantee your tabletop tiki torches will last for many parties to come.

Each Hawaiian Cone Torch head holds a generous amount of fuel, which means less frequent refills. And there’s no need to get your fingers dirty removing the wick to refuel; a fuel cap and fill hole make for quick, clean and safe fueling. The torch wick is held in place by a specially designed threaded bronze collar that provides controlled fuel wicking and maximum fuel economy. We recommend citronella oil for insect control or paraffin oil for a smoke-free environment. 


  • Torch Head: 9" h x 6.75" w
  • Fuel Capacity: 60 oz.
  • Wick: 1/2" diameter fiberglass wick
  • Attached snuffer
  • Additional fuel port for mess-free refills

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