Big Kahuna Copper Cone Automated Permanent Gas Tiki Torch

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Landscape Lighting Like You've Never Experienced

Transforming your backyard into a 5-star hotel type of garden has never been this easy! Set the perfect mood with an elegant open fire that will light up the space for hours with lovely dancing lights. Automated ignition lets you turn them on and off from a distance with a remote control, wifi or bluetooth! 

Electric Lighting is a Thing of the Past

Our permanent-mount gas torches are made so you can set them up around your garden and forget about having to use electric lamps ever again. We included an 82" powder-coated steel pole and a cast aluminum tiki torch head, built to endure hours of direct open flame.

Automated Ignition System

Choose between our six options:

  • Standard automation: connect it to an existing pool controller in your property. Talk to your Swimming Pool Contractor about this option for more information.Ê
  • On/Off Switch: a simple wall switch that controls power going to the transformer.
  • Timer: mechanical wind-up timer that controls power to the transformer.
  • Remote control: a key fob.
  • Wifi: powered by Leviton Smart Plug-in and Leviton App.
  • Bluetooth: powered by Leviton Digital Switch and Leviton App.

When it's time to install it...

We include transformers, junction box and 9’ power cord to grounded plug, as well as any add on depending on the automation you choose. We recommend the connection to the tiki torches be made with a 12 gauge wire. Please know all this installation should be made by a professional electrician. If you are interested in more than one torch, contact us on information on how to connect them all to the same junction box.

A gas supply line of over 1/4" O.D. copper, available at most hardware stores, is required to operate your Big Kahuna. As for the fuel, you can use natural gas OR liquid propane. Please note, unlike other Big Kahuna torches, these cannot be used with both natural gas and liquid propane. They work with one OR the other :

  • For LP use: Regulator not included.
  • For natural gas use: please contact a licensed plumber for installation recommendations, and provide them with the following: you will be working with 1” W.C. and they will require 24K in gas volume per torch.

Key Points:

  • Fuel options: natural gas OR liquid propane. Fuel not included.

  • Automated ignition: different options to choose from!
  • Pole: powder-coated steel 82"black pole, 2.5" in diameter.
  • Torch head: made of copper, 7" W X 13" H.

Get the feel of an exotic outing in the comfort of your own yard with Big Kahuna's Natural Tiki Style Torch. Click "Add to Cart" NOW!

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