Big Kahuna Smooth Copper Cone Permanent Gas Tiki Torch

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Create the perfect Polynesian atmosphere with our Big Kahuna Copper Cone Tiki Torch!  Our complete permanent-mount gas tiki torch package includes a copper tiki torch head with flame-adjusting valve and  a durable powder-coated steel  82" pole. Big Kahuna Copper Cone gas tiki torches can be used with either propane or natural gas (if using propane, an LP gas regulator may be required).

A gas supply line of over 1/4" O.D. copper, available at most hardware stores, is required to operate your Big Kahuna. Supply line length depends upon the installation height. Please allow a minimum 36" of clearance on all sides of the gas tiki torch.

An Automated Ignition System is also available. Please contact a licensed plumber for specific installation instructions.


  • Torch Head: 7" W X 13" H
  • Pole: 82" H x 2-1/2" outside diameter
  • Total height with pole: 96"
  • Fuel: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas
  • Materials: Copper torch head with powdercoated steel pole
  • LP Use: Includes 65" Thermoplastic 1/4" LP hose fitted with 1/4" MPT and 3/8" SAE F fitting. Regulator not included.
  • Natural Gas Use: Please contact a licensed plumber for installation recommendations.
  • Not UL Rated

LP Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.) = .5 gallons/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.) = .2 gallons/hour 

Natural Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.) = 49 cubic feet/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.) = 18 cubic feet/hour

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