Big Kahuna Black Hammered Cone Gas Tiki Torch Head

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Electric Lighting is a Thing of the Past

Our natural gas torches are made so you can set them up on any 2.5"diameter pole and forget about having to use electric lamps ever again. The cast aluminum tiki torch head is built to endure hours of direct open flame.

When it's time to install it...

You will need a 2.5" diameter pole to install the torch head. As for the fuel, you can use natural gas or liquid propane:

  • For LP use: includes 65" Thermoplastic 1/4" LP hose fitted with 1/4" MPT and 3/8" SAE F fitting. Regulator not included.
  • For natural gas use: please contact a licensed plumber for installation recommendations.

Key Points:

  • Fuel options: natural gas or liquid propane.
  • Adjustable: included flame-adjusting valve.
  • Torch head: made of hammered cast aluminum, 12.5" W X 8.5" H.

LP Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.)=.5 gallons/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.)=.2 gallons/hour

Natural Gas Usage:

  • @ 49,000 BTU (max.)=49 cubic feet/hour
  • @ 18,000 BTU (min.)=18 cubic feet/hour

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